New Coaches In The NFL

I just read an interesting article from ESPN, on the new head coaches in the, NFL… It’s pretty interesting to see how they broke it down– how each coach might succeed and fail. Here’s my take… I think each of those coaches mentioned in the article– Jim Zorn, John Harbaugh, Tony Sparano, and Mike Smith, don’t all have a chance to succeed. I only think there are two of them, Jim Zorn and Mike Smith.

Jim Zorn

ESPN’s Yasinskas suggested that the Redskin’s new coach, Jim Zorn, was the best bet to succeed since he was inheriting a playoff team. I agree with that for two reasons.With most of Joe Gibbs’ coaching staff around, the Redskins can still continue their playoff caliber play, Zorn’s team can only get stronger as he can develop Washington’s QB, Jason Campbell. He was after all, a QB coach for the Seahawks…

Mike Smith

I think Mike Smith has a good chance to succeed because he comes into the position with a rich history of experience as a former Defensive Coordinator. I can see Smith turning ATL’s defense a shutdown beast just like what he did with Jacksonville. The recipe’s there: a fast, pick-machine in Deangelo Hall, a hard-hitting linebacker in Keith Brooking, and a speedy pass rusher in John Abraham… It’s going to be interesting to see what Smith does with the dirty birds. Plus he’s got Jerious Norwood in the offensive side– an explosive running back that everyone’s been waiting to see. But it all won’t be easy as ATL doesn’texactly have a quarterback.


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