Jaguars resign Greg Jones

Greg Jones

Good move on the Jaguars’ part for re-signing Greg Jones. I might not know a whole lot about Jones, since fullbacks hardly ever get mentioned, but I do know of Jones-Drew and Taylor. And I always thought that if you know of the runningbacks, it’s because they’re able to produce lots of rushing yds and tds. And if a runningback can do that, then you gotta give credit to the blockers.

And if Jacksonville can produce two well-respected halfbacks, credit’s gotta be given to their lead blocker, Greg Jones. It’s good to see that Jacksonville recognizes that they have something special here. I think many people would agree that Jacksonville wouldn’t have been the leader in the NFL in rushing from 2006-07 with a 154.1 average per game without the help of blockers like Greg Jones. And with the Jaguars leading the AFC and ranking second in the NFL in 2007 in rushing, Jonehas proven that his efforts (along witht he o-line’s) are consistent.


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