Zach Thomas– Really? And The 49ers Pick Up Rossum

 So the big news in football today was that former Dolphins LB, Zach Thomas signed with the Cowboys. My response: big F*****G DEAL! Are the Cowboys really getting something special with this guy? I mean, sure he’s got the numbers, and good track record (having more tackles than any linebacker currently in the Hall of Fame), but he’s simply doesn’t give his team an edge. He hasn’t exactly helped the Fins garner the reputation as a team with a defense to watch out for either. Plus he’s simply too old. Also, he’s 34, and the past few seasons, he’s been quite an injury-case. I honestly don’t see what more you can get out of this guy. I’m frankly surprised that a team even picked him up.

In more minor news in football, the 49ers are set to sign former DB & KR Specialist Allen Rossum from the Falcons and Steelers. I personally like this pick up because I’ve seen Rossum do his thing in ATL and in Pittsburgh. Plus I like how he was once named as the Fastest Man in the Pro Bowl.


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