How To Ruin Your Offseason and Lose Your Teammate’s Respect

+ + = Out for 4 months

I forgot to mention, the award for dumbest way to injure yourself goes to Broncos WR Brandon Marshall. A couple of days, Marshall sustained an injury to his right forearm, where he got: lacerations to one artery, one vein, one nerve, two tendons and three muscles. It was reported that the injury was a result of him horseplaying around with his brother, where they got into a brief tussle that ended with him slipping on a McDonald’s wrapper causing his arm to go through a TV entertainment center as he tried to break his fall. Experts say that full recovery is expected to take 3-4 months. How funny would it have been if Marshall made the Darwin Awards with this one?


Stupid 49ers…

I love the 49ers and all… but it was a really stupid move in their part for going behind the Bears’ backs in trying to contact Lance Briggs during through out the 2007 season. Honestly, what were they thinking?!
Because of their disregard for the rules, they now have give up their fifth-round pick this year. I know some of you might not think much of a 5th round pick, but with the 49ers still uncertain in many positions (like QB, OL, WR, and DL) they kind of need all the opportunities they can get.  I just hope the 49ers will be smarter now in the future when it comes to adding on to their team.

Are The Raiders The Bay Area Team To Beat

It’s official, the Raiders will be getting shutdown cornerback Deangelo Hall. The Atlanta Falcons have agreed to trade D-Hall for the Raiders’ secondround pick. This has been another good and expensive move from Al Davis, as Hall is expected to make $70 million in seven years.

With this transaction, I don’t know how I feel how about the 49ers. The Raiders are starting to look like a dangerous team, as they have future superstar QB, two good WRs in Javon Walker and Ronald Curry, two decent RBs in Justin Fargas and Dominic Rhodes, and now three corners in Fabian Washington, Nnamdi Asomugha, and now D-Hall. I’m just worried that the red and gold is fading once more. Plus Mike Nolan didn’t sound too confident in this interview.

Why The Panthers’ Receivers Just Got Scarier…

Congratulations to D.J. Hackett, and damn you Carolina! San Francisco sure could’ve used an underrated player like the former Seahawk. But overall, this is a good pick for Carolina. They’re getting an experienced receiver that can catch the ball, and run good routes, and a player that can study (it is pretty much safe to assume this since it’s not easy to learn Mike Holmgren’s version of the West Coast Offense). Hackett compliments the  team well as we can expect him to take pressure off Steve Smith. I’m thinking they might just be the NFL’s next best WR tandem– under Harrison & Wayne, or Ocho Cinco & Houshmanzadeh. That is if Delhomme can stay healthy.

Kevin Jones Has Always Sucked

Let’s face it, there hasn’t been a legitimate RB for the Detroit Lions; not since Barry Sanders. So when I found out today that Kevin Jones got released, I wasn’t surprised. The guy was garbage– he only had one good year, which was his first season, and he never really produced after that. Sure some of you might say, “but Aaron, Kevin Jones is a good player, he’s just an injury case.” My response: he still sucks. You gotta work out right and be strong in order to play good and be one hell of a physical specimen. I don’t see Kevin Jones starting ever again for two reasons: one) he sucks– he’s an injury case, and we haven’t seen him handle all the carries; and two) I don’t see what team out there needs a RB at the moment. And if he does get picked up, it’s for sure that he’ll be warming the bench as the backup.

My Thoughts On Larry Fitzgerald Resigning

Yesterday, I found out that the Cardinals’ WR, Larry Fitz, had resigned/ restructured his contract. Pretty much, his four-year contract, which is set to end in 4 years, has been reported to be worth $40 million, including a $15 million signing bonus and a $5 million option bonus payable next year. The Cardinals receiver is set to make  $17 million in 2008, including signing bonus and his salary of $2 million.

When I first heard this, I thought, “good for AZ, for keeping one of their star players happy, and for keeping a receiver of Fitzgerald’s caliber for their future star QB, Matt Leinart. But then, I started thinking, “is Fitzgerald really worth that much?” I mean sure he’s consistently good, and he is often a sure bet in fantasy football, but I still feel he hasn’t exactly proven himself yet. I’ve seen him catch the balls, score the tds, beat some of the best cornerbacks… But I haven’t seen him make an impact on the team. I haven’t seen him turn AZ into a winning/ playoff caliber team. I haven’t seen him act as a leader either. And to me, it’s the “intangible factors” like that, that make a player worth that much.  Just my opinion… No NFC West bias, here…

Another Dumb Football Players Gets A DWI

You can read the story here… But I just want to say, damn you, Dwayne Jarrett! Playing in the NFL is a privilege! Not everyone gets the shot of a lifetime to do what they love for a living.  And now, you’ve endangered that.  We’ve all seen what you can do in USC, but you haven’t proven jack $#!^ in the NFL. It’s sad that you’re only making news as another idiot that the rest of the league has to worry about. I could’ve posted a picture of you doing a cool catch, or dusting someone, or a game pic, but I can’t since you haven’t been good enough or proven yourself to be worth remembering, except for this…