Aaron Gershfield Responds To Sal Paolantonio’s Article on T.O.

aaron gershfield vs. sal paolantonio

This week, I read Sal Paolantonio’s article on ESPN, arguing that Terrell Owens is an overrated player. Now usually, I can agree with Sal Paolantonio’s views and arguments since I kind of always thought that he was pretty open-minded and not so biased, but this article was a simple article on how he thought T.O. is an old jackass.

The article is titled, “Selfishness, drops, playoff disappearing acts make T.O. overrated.” The words “selfishness,” “drops,” and “playoff disappearing acts” do not sum up T.O.’s career or the caliber of the kind of player he is. Sure those words might fit him, but there is no way T.O. can be even considered an overrated player. He might be a total jerk, and someone that can drops too many passes on occasion, but he’s always an impact player. He’s still that someone that can determine the outcome of the game. And you can’t find that in every receiver. I think that’s why I disagree with Sal Paolantonio on this. You can find the stats here— these numbers will show you just how productive T.O. is. If you can afford it, wouldn’t you want someone in your team that hasn’t fumbled the ball in the last three seasons and that has scored over 30 touchdowns? Sure, Owens has gone on ignoring coaches, insulting teammates, and failed to “produce” in the playoffs in his most recent runs, but he’s one of the guys that’ll better a team’s chances.

Take the recent years in Dallas for instance. The Cowboys haven’t had a deep threat or even an offensive impact player, not until Owens came. For the first two years T.O. has been in Dallas, they’ve always made it to the playoffs. Unfortunately, all of those losses can be solely blamed on Tony Romo. Plus, Owens is a changed man. Paolantonio’s article simply serves as a critique on the T.O. during his years as an Eagle.

Does this video capture the selfish T.O. that Paolantonio writes about?


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