NFL Draft Prediction by Aaron Gershfield

So this weekend is the draft, and since I’ve been reading a bunch of mock drafts all week, I decided to throw in my prediction all totally based on my opinion without the aid of numbers derived from scouting/ workout. I’ll focus more on the obvious and the intangible… Also, I’ll only do the top 5 since I haven’t really kept up with this year’s class.

1. And with the first pick overall, the Miami Dolphins select Jake Long OT of Michigan.

jake long

This won’t be a surprise since we already heard this week that he had signed with them.

2. With the second pick overall, the St. Louis Rams select Glenn Dorsey DT of LSU.

The Rams will select Glenn Dorsey to further develop their pass rushing d-line. Dorsey would be a fitting DT in St. Louis along with last year’s first round pick, Adam Carriker.

3. With the third pick overall, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan QB of Boston College.

With a new head coach in Mike Smith, and a new General Manager with Thomas Dimitroff, it is obvious the Falcons are entering a new era. And what better way to crown a new face for the era and the franchise with a new QB.

4. With the fourth pick overall, the Oakland Raiders select Darren McFadden RB of Arkansas.

As long as Al Davis owns the Raiders, the Black and Silver will always be addicted to speed.

5. With the fifth pick overall, the Kansas City Chiefs select Vernon Gholston DE of Ohio State.

The Chiefs need a new DE, especially after trading away Jared Allen.

Notice, I don’t have Chris Long in the top 5 even though most mock drafts have him up there. But the truth of the matter is I don’t buy you, Chris Long. Your stock goes down in my book for having a father represent Radio Shack. I say he somehow becomes this year’s Brady Quinn and gets picked up later than he’s supposed to.


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