The Beginning Of The End For A Dynasty…

The Face Of A Cheater The Face Of A Cheat

I actually wouldn’t even go that far in calling them a dynasty, since they only won their Super Bowls by three points… But today, with Matt Walsh sending in the tapes to the NFL headquarters, it’s official that the Pats have also stolen offensive signals. They’ve been cheating all along. I think we all know what a suitable punishment would be. Like Milli Vanilli, the Patriots should have their most prized trophies taken away. I say they’re Lombardi trophies should be withdrawn. It’s the only suitable punishment for such an unsportsmanlike act. They never earned those championships fairly. This is a time where the NFL needs to enforce its “laws of morality.” They’ll suspend drug users and criminals and fine on-field antics,
they now need to commit to their ways and suitably handle the Patriots’ crime to the game.


Post Draft Thoughts…

Chris Long taken second overall. Notice the joy in his face.

So I was kinda right with my prediction… 3/5 isn’t too bad. My predicting skills still need refining. But anyways, I thought overall the draft went pretty well. It was interesting to see which direction each team was going. Like the Steelers beefing up their running game by picking up RB Rashard Mendenhall in the first round, or the Falcons trading back in the first round and picking up OT Sam Baker… But there are still a few players and teams that stick out on my mind after this whole ordeal.

What’s going to happen to Ocho Cinco? He’s still wanting out of Cincy, and I don’t know why the Bengals just won’t trade him. They should probably send him to Philly for a 2009 draft pick or for Lito Shepperd since each team needs each impact player within the position. Also, what’s the deal with Jeremy Shockey? The Giants should’ve traded him for a draft pick or for a safety after losing Gibril Wilson.

He’s innocent!

In other news… Marvin Harrison involved in a shooting? Really?. I don’t know if I buy it. I seriously can’t picture the no talk, all walk receiver to be involved in such shenanigans. I seriously hope the Colts don’t jump the gun on this one. We’ve already seen get rid of record holders (Edgerrin James) without hesitation. I just hope no assumptions are made about Marvin the way everyone made assumptions about Vick before he confessed.

Now that the draft has taken place, expect nothing but more interesting news going on around the league.