About Aaron Gershfield

My name is Aaron Gershfield, and I am currently a college student, studying Urban Studies. I was born and raised in lovely San Francisco. And after finishing high school, I realized I just couldn’t leave California. But to pursue a more “real college experience,” I moved away from home and tried living in Southern California as I attended school there. But after two years and earning my G.E., I missed living in the city so much I felt that I needed to move back up North.

Now, I’m back, and I’m going to school and continuing to support my “team,” the San Francisco 49ers. Aside from school, and work I usually enjoy all things Football. I like taking part in fantasy football, keeping up with football news during the season and offseason, and debating about football issues. I usually work hard and try to have fun with my life. But sometimes that’s hard since I’m somewhat still that typical college kid that gets overly drunk, and that doesn’t care about social norms (since I usually choose to ignore the consequences of my actions).


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