The Beginning Of The End For A Dynasty…

The Face Of A Cheater The Face Of A Cheat

I actually wouldn’t even go that far in calling them a dynasty, since they only won their Super Bowls by three points… But today, with Matt Walsh sending in the tapes to the NFL headquarters, it’s official that the Pats have also stolen offensive signals. They’ve been cheating all along. I think we all know what a suitable punishment would be. Like Milli Vanilli, the Patriots should have their most prized trophies taken away. I say they’re Lombardi trophies should be withdrawn. It’s the only suitable punishment for such an unsportsmanlike act. They never earned those championships fairly. This is a time where the NFL needs to enforce its “laws of morality.” They’ll suspend drug users and criminals and fine on-field antics,
they now need to commit to their ways and suitably handle the Patriots’ crime to the game.


Post Draft Thoughts…

Chris Long taken second overall. Notice the joy in his face.

So I was kinda right with my prediction… 3/5 isn’t too bad. My predicting skills still need refining. But anyways, I thought overall the draft went pretty well. It was interesting to see which direction each team was going. Like the Steelers beefing up their running game by picking up RB Rashard Mendenhall in the first round, or the Falcons trading back in the first round and picking up OT Sam Baker… But there are still a few players and teams that stick out on my mind after this whole ordeal.

What’s going to happen to Ocho Cinco? He’s still wanting out of Cincy, and I don’t know why the Bengals just won’t trade him. They should probably send him to Philly for a 2009 draft pick or for Lito Shepperd since each team needs each impact player within the position. Also, what’s the deal with Jeremy Shockey? The Giants should’ve traded him for a draft pick or for a safety after losing Gibril Wilson.

He’s innocent!

In other news… Marvin Harrison involved in a shooting? Really?. I don’t know if I buy it. I seriously can’t picture the no talk, all walk receiver to be involved in such shenanigans. I seriously hope the Colts don’t jump the gun on this one. We’ve already seen get rid of record holders (Edgerrin James) without hesitation. I just hope no assumptions are made about Marvin the way everyone made assumptions about Vick before he confessed.

Now that the draft has taken place, expect nothing but more interesting news going on around the league.

NFL Draft Prediction by Aaron Gershfield

So this weekend is the draft, and since I’ve been reading a bunch of mock drafts all week, I decided to throw in my prediction all totally based on my opinion without the aid of numbers derived from scouting/ workout. I’ll focus more on the obvious and the intangible… Also, I’ll only do the top 5 since I haven’t really kept up with this year’s class.

1. And with the first pick overall, the Miami Dolphins select Jake Long OT of Michigan.

jake long

This won’t be a surprise since we already heard this week that he had signed with them.

2. With the second pick overall, the St. Louis Rams select Glenn Dorsey DT of LSU.

The Rams will select Glenn Dorsey to further develop their pass rushing d-line. Dorsey would be a fitting DT in St. Louis along with last year’s first round pick, Adam Carriker.

3. With the third pick overall, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan QB of Boston College.

With a new head coach in Mike Smith, and a new General Manager with Thomas Dimitroff, it is obvious the Falcons are entering a new era. And what better way to crown a new face for the era and the franchise with a new QB.

4. With the fourth pick overall, the Oakland Raiders select Darren McFadden RB of Arkansas.

As long as Al Davis owns the Raiders, the Black and Silver will always be addicted to speed.

5. With the fifth pick overall, the Kansas City Chiefs select Vernon Gholston DE of Ohio State.

The Chiefs need a new DE, especially after trading away Jared Allen.

Notice, I don’t have Chris Long in the top 5 even though most mock drafts have him up there. But the truth of the matter is I don’t buy you, Chris Long. Your stock goes down in my book for having a father represent Radio Shack. I say he somehow becomes this year’s Brady Quinn and gets picked up later than he’s supposed to.

Aaron Gershfield Responds To Sal Paolantonio’s Article on T.O.

aaron gershfield vs. sal paolantonio

This week, I read Sal Paolantonio’s article on ESPN, arguing that Terrell Owens is an overrated player. Now usually, I can agree with Sal Paolantonio’s views and arguments since I kind of always thought that he was pretty open-minded and not so biased, but this article was a simple article on how he thought T.O. is an old jackass.

The article is titled, “Selfishness, drops, playoff disappearing acts make T.O. overrated.” The words “selfishness,” “drops,” and “playoff disappearing acts” do not sum up T.O.’s career or the caliber of the kind of player he is. Sure those words might fit him, but there is no way T.O. can be even considered an overrated player. He might be a total jerk, and someone that can drops too many passes on occasion, but he’s always an impact player. He’s still that someone that can determine the outcome of the game. And you can’t find that in every receiver. I think that’s why I disagree with Sal Paolantonio on this. You can find the stats here— these numbers will show you just how productive T.O. is. If you can afford it, wouldn’t you want someone in your team that hasn’t fumbled the ball in the last three seasons and that has scored over 30 touchdowns? Sure, Owens has gone on ignoring coaches, insulting teammates, and failed to “produce” in the playoffs in his most recent runs, but he’s one of the guys that’ll better a team’s chances.

Take the recent years in Dallas for instance. The Cowboys haven’t had a deep threat or even an offensive impact player, not until Owens came. For the first two years T.O. has been in Dallas, they’ve always made it to the playoffs. Unfortunately, all of those losses can be solely blamed on Tony Romo. Plus, Owens is a changed man. Paolantonio’s article simply serves as a critique on the T.O. during his years as an Eagle.

Does this video capture the selfish T.O. that Paolantonio writes about?

Aaron Gershfield Ranks His Top 5 WRs of 2007

After reading the ESPN article on Nate Clement’s top ranked wide receivers in today’s game, I decided to write my own list of best wide receivers in the NFL. But rather doing an all-time list, I’ll stay current. The list you will read below is in a PARTICULAR order as each of these wide receivers are not only based stats, but also certain and unique characteristics that simply seperate them from the rest.

5. T.J. Houshmandzadeh

aaron gershfield top wr #5

T.J. Houshmandzadeh makes the list and not his whiny wideout partner, Ocho Cinco, simply because he is consistent. Houshmandzadeh scores when he’s supposed to score, and he makes the catches when he’s supposed to make the catches. With 112 receptions, 1,143 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns, Houshmandzadeh proved that he was Cincy’s top receiver in the year 2007.

4. Braylon Edwards

aaron gershfield top wr #4

Braylon Edwards came out of nowhere in the year 2007. His stats were impressive, making him a pleasant surprise for most fantasy owners, and he proved that he can be a superstar. Also along with his stats, Edwards is blessed with natural assets. At 6’3 and 200 lbs, Edwards can be a tough and physical receiver. Yet, he also has the speed and agility unlike most receivers his size. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the next real deal, a receiver that can not play the role as possession receiver, but also deep threat.

3. Reggie Wayne

aaron gershfield top wr #3

Ever since last year, everyone that watched the Colts saw that Wayne had become Peyton Manning’s favorite target as Marvin Harrison was constantly double-teamed. But the year 2007 was something special for Wayne. He not only became the leader in receiving yards, with 1,510 yards, he proved that he can be the go-to guy as Harrison was sidelined the majority of the season. It’s kind of scary to know and see how capable Wayne can be in replacing Marvin Harrison. Plus overall, Wayne is a beast. I remember reading an article somewhere that talked about how the guy constantly practiced running his routes and how he developed his sure-catching hands by practicing catching bricks.

2. Randy Moss

aaron gershfield top wr #2

Even though I hate him for breaking Jerry Rice’s record of most touchdown passes within a season (Moss with 23), I still have to put Moss on the list. He’s got the height, the hands, and the speed. He is probably the NFL’s best deep threat as he has all those attributes. But what keeps him from being the number receiver in my list is because he’s a one-trick pony. He’s not versatile in the sense that he can’t make plays in the middle, he doesn’t run his routes well, and he’s only an outside man.

1. Terrell Owens

aaron gershfield top wr #1

Terrell Owens is my number once receiver because he simply has it all. He’s got the hands (sometimes) as he can be a leader in receiving touchdowns– just like in 2001, 2002, and 2006, and he’s got the size to get the more than necessary YAC (yards after catch) as he can break tackles and plow through opponents. And best of all, Owen can be a possession receiver and a deep threat– making him a more versatile weapon. In my opinion, I think if Owens had a quarterback like Tom Brady, he would’ve beaten Jerry Rice’s record way before Randy Moss.

Top Ten Douchebags In The NFL…

Since there hasn’t been a whole lot of exciting news going around in the NFL, I decided to write about something that I have been meaning to get off my chest. Throughout the 2007-2008 season in the NFL, there were just a few douchebags that just couldn’t stay under the radar, so here, I have made a list. In no particular order, I give you Aaron Gershfield’s list of Top Ten Douchebags in the NFL throughout the year 2007.

Sure some of these guys may have tore it up on the field, but beyond their play, they did things that not only reaffirmed just how much of a tool they are, but they also reached new levels when it came to being a selfish jackass.

10. Michael Vick

Aaron Gershfield Top Ten - Michael Vick (Mike Vick: a champion in the dogfighting world.)

Michael Vick was a douchebag in the year 2007 for two reasons: a) for being an immature and selfish jackass that blew a $100 million dollar contract, and b) for spreading his stupidity that caused people to promote dogfighting, play race cards, and use terms such as “Hip-Hop Quarterback.” But most importantly, Vick was (or still is) a doucehbag for singlehandedly ruining a franchise, forcing the Falcons organization to enter a rebuilding process.

9. Ricky Williams

Aaron Gershfield Top Ten - Ricky Williams (Ricky Williams wondering where his career went.)

Coming from suspension after violating the NFL’s drug policies, Ricky Williams returned on a Monday Night Football Game that gave him a chance to cement his return as the amazing running back he once was. But instead, he failed to show that he was a better and stronger player as he rushed for less than 20 yards and ended up tearing his pectorial muscle. I understand that the injury was unavoidable, nevertheless Williams makes this list for being a fragile, pot-smoking douchebag.

8. Philip Rivers

Aaron Gershfield Top Ten - Philip Rivers (This is Philip Rivers being a classy guy.)

In the 2007 season, it seemed that Philip Rivers established himself as the king of smack talk of all QBs. In a game against the Denver Broncos, Rivers was caught on tape stepping out on to the field just to talk trash to Jay Cutler after the Denver offense failed to convert on a fourth down play. There’s nothing that screams douchebag more when the guy talking jive is someone that hasn’t done much to help his team. Rivers should just keep his mouth shut and focus on winning a Super Bowl ring just like the other QBs in his draft class like Big Ben and Eli Manning.

7 . Tiki Barber

Aaron Gershfield Top Ten - Tikki Barber (Tiki making a not so manly appearance in Heidi Klum’s show.)

Tiki Barber has always been a douchebag. Even before Super Bowl winning coach Tom Coughlin came to NY, Tiki was a fumbling tool. But now that he’s retired, he’s a bigger ass. He went from record-breaking running back, to boring and unimportant television broadcaster. He now spends his days criticizing former teammates, making guest appearances in lames show like “Project Runway,” and crying himself to sleep as everyone he knows (former teammates and twin brother, Ronde) now hold something that he’ll never have, a Super Bowl ring.

6. Reggie Bush

aaron gershfield top ten in the nfl (Reggie and Ray J’s girl.)

With a mediocre season, fumbling the ball 7 times and having registered only 6 touchdowns (4 rushing, 2 receiving), Reggie Bush failed to prove that that he’s an every down back. Everyone was hoping to see Bush as a human highlight reel right when Deuce McAllister went down, but instead everyone saw Reggie split carries with no names that showed promise, like Aaron Stecker– who suddenly became a fantasy football option. And to make things worse, off the field Reggie Bush has been nothing but idiot– he’s dating LA socialite/ bimbo Kim Kardashian, and he still has his NCAA issues where his tarnished Heisman might just get taken away from him.

5. Keyshawn Johnson

aaron gershfield -- top ten in the nfl keyshawn johnson (Retired and still talking trash)

Keyshawn Johnson makes this list of douchebags simply because his true self as “Bill Parcell’s #1 dick rider” came out when he got into an exchange of words with Terrell Owens. Watch the video below to see how passionate he was in defending his former coach.

4. Wes Welker

(Wes Welker, you’re not black. You were never in Omega Psi Phi.)

All season lomg, Wes Welker played his role well as the free agent steal and the clutch slot receiver. But following a Monday Night game, Welker’s true colors as a douchebag came out during an interview Andrea Kremer interview. During the post game interview, Kremer was snubbed by Welker on her last question abruptly as he excused himself when he heard Belichick calling out to him. Wes Welker= Whipped douchebag.

3. Tony Romo

aaron gershfield -- top ten in the nfl tony romo (Romosexual=Attracted to no-talent, intellectually devoid pop stars.)

Tony Romo is a douchebag for being that guy that just can’t take anything seriously. Instead of taking the extra time to prepare for the playoffs, he spent his free time vacationing with everyone’s favorite bimbo, Jessica Simpson. He could’ve been studying film to avoid getting knocked out in the divisional round, he could’ve practiced more plays with T.O., but instead he decided to “take it easy” by lounging around in Mexico. Now that it’s the offseason, and he can go back to Mexico just like the time the Super Bowl was around the corner.

2. Bill Belichick

aaron gershfield -- top ten in the nfl bill belichick (Douchebag with cutoff sleeves)

I don’t even know where to begin. Cutoff sleeves, spygate scandal, destroyed tapes, unsportsmanlike post game interaction with other coaches… Belichick emits nothing but douchebaggery with his sketchy ways. Everyone should be rocking an 18-1 shirt to immortalize all the “hard work” the Patriots had put into shaping themselves as a “good” team.

1. Bobby Petrino

aaron gershfield -- top ten in the nfl bobby petrino (The first eunuch to ever coach an NFL team.)

In his first (and last year) in the NFL as a head coach, Bobby Petrino was a douchebag for doing everything wrong. Though he didn’t communicate clearly with his players, and sure he didn’t recognize the legitimate starters, as he went through a stable of quarterbacks and kept the unproductive Warrick Dunn as starting running back, Petrino committed the most selfish and cowardly act anybody can do in sports: he had quit before the end of the season. There is nothing honorable or even the slightest bit respectable about this guy. Bobby Petrino should never be allowed back in the NFL for quitting in the middle of a season. Check out the video below, and hear what people are saying about the coach that wasn’t man enough to hack it in the pros.

How To Ruin Your Offseason and Lose Your Teammate’s Respect

+ + = Out for 4 months

I forgot to mention, the award for dumbest way to injure yourself goes to Broncos WR Brandon Marshall. A couple of days, Marshall sustained an injury to his right forearm, where he got: lacerations to one artery, one vein, one nerve, two tendons and three muscles. It was reported that the injury was a result of him horseplaying around with his brother, where they got into a brief tussle that ended with him slipping on a McDonald’s wrapper causing his arm to go through a TV entertainment center as he tried to break his fall. Experts say that full recovery is expected to take 3-4 months. How funny would it have been if Marshall made the Darwin Awards with this one?