Stupid 49ers…

I love the 49ers and all… but it was a really stupid move in their part for going behind the Bears’ backs in trying to contact Lance Briggs during through out the 2007 season. Honestly, what were they thinking?!
Because of their disregard for the rules, they now have give up their fifth-round pick this year. I know some of you might not think much of a 5th round pick, but with the 49ers still uncertain in many positions (like QB, OL, WR, and DL) they kind of need all the opportunities they can get.  I just hope the 49ers will be smarter now in the future when it comes to adding on to their team.


Zach Thomas– Really? And The 49ers Pick Up Rossum

 So the big news in football today was that former Dolphins LB, Zach Thomas signed with the Cowboys. My response: big F*****G DEAL! Are the Cowboys really getting something special with this guy? I mean, sure he’s got the numbers, and good track record (having more tackles than any linebacker currently in the Hall of Fame), but he’s simply doesn’t give his team an edge. He hasn’t exactly helped the Fins garner the reputation as a team with a defense to watch out for either. Plus he’s simply too old. Also, he’s 34, and the past few seasons, he’s been quite an injury-case. I honestly don’t see what more you can get out of this guy. I’m frankly surprised that a team even picked him up.

In more minor news in football, the 49ers are set to sign former DB & KR Specialist Allen Rossum from the Falcons and Steelers. I personally like this pick up because I’ve seen Rossum do his thing in ATL and in Pittsburgh. Plus I like how he was once named as the Fastest Man in the Pro Bowl.

Good Luck Derek Smith

Thank God, Derek Smith found a new team in the Chargers. I honestly thought no team would’ve been interested in him. But I’m glad San Diego saw how much of an underrated LB he is. He’s got good strength, great tackling abilities, and good speed. I think he’ll mesh well with that 3-4 defense.

Post Football Season Thoughts

So this football year was a dismal one for me. The 9ers had another disappointing year (which I kinda expected). I did bad in Fantasy Footballl, and Randy Moss broke Jerry’s record.

I know that we beefed up our defense (by spending our first pick overall on Patrick Willis, signing Nate Clements, Michael Lewis and Tully Banta-Cain), but our offense still needs a huge redo. We need better receivers, and a solid quarterback that’s for sure. I don’t know about Alex Smith anymore. We’ve resigned Shaun Hill to challenge the “young prospect” for the starting job. But I guess we’ll see. Also I’m hoping that by signing Mike Martz as our new offensive coordinator, the 9ers do return to playoff form.

But until then, all I can do is hope. And damn you Frank Gore for screwing me over in Fantasy! Only 6 tds all together?! C’mon man! You weren’t supposed to be a bust… Oh well. At least the Patriots lost! That’s what you get for cheating and trying to buy a Super Bowl with all your free agents!