My Thoughts On Favre’s Retirement

Brett Favre’s Retirement Speech/ Press Conference

After having watched this video, I couldn’t help but feel a little mad. I know I might get some heat for this, but I just can’t help it. Here is a man still has the talent, who still has the teammates, who still has the organization that wants, and most importantly– the health. The health!

I understand that he’s tired, and mentally and emotionally exhausted, but come on… Some players his age would die to stay on the field. Players like Jerry Rice or Tim Brown would kill to stay starting. I honestly think Favre could’ve rode this till the wheels fell off. There’s no doubt that he loves the game. But I guess the desire has just burnt out.


Farewell Favre

Although I hated you whenever you beat my 49ers, I’ve always respected your play and respect for the game. Good luck…

A Tribute To Brett Favre…