My Thoughts On Larry Fitzgerald Resigning

Yesterday, I found out that the Cardinals’ WR, Larry Fitz, had resigned/ restructured his contract. Pretty much, his four-year contract, which is set to end in 4 years, has been reported to be worth $40 million, including a $15 million signing bonus and a $5 million option bonus payable next year. The Cardinals receiver is set to make¬† $17 million in 2008, including signing bonus and his salary of $2 million.

When I first heard this, I thought, “good for AZ, for keeping one of their star players happy, and for keeping a receiver of Fitzgerald’s caliber for their future star QB, Matt Leinart. But then, I started thinking, “is Fitzgerald really worth that much?” I mean sure he’s consistently good, and he is often a sure bet in fantasy football, but I still feel he hasn’t exactly proven himself yet. I’ve seen him catch the balls, score the tds, beat some of the best cornerbacks… But I haven’t seen him make an impact on the team. I haven’t seen him turn AZ into a winning/ playoff caliber team. I haven’t seen him act as a leader either. And to me, it’s the “intangible factors” like that, that make a player worth that much.¬† Just my opinion… No NFC West bias, here…