The Beginning Of The End For A Dynasty…

The Face Of A Cheater The Face Of A Cheat

I actually wouldn’t even go that far in calling them a dynasty, since they only won their Super Bowls by three points… But today, with Matt Walsh sending in the tapes to the NFL headquarters, it’s official that the Pats have also stolen offensive signals. They’ve been cheating all along. I think we all know what a suitable punishment would be. Like Milli Vanilli, the Patriots should have their most prized trophies taken away. I say they’re Lombardi trophies should be withdrawn. It’s the only suitable punishment for such an unsportsmanlike act. They never earned those championships fairly. This is a time where the NFL needs to enforce its “laws of morality.” They’ll suspend drug users and criminals and fine on-field antics,
they now need to commit to their ways and suitably handle the Patriots’ crime to the game.


Concerning the meeting between Commissioner Goodell and Sen. Specter

Here’s something that Patriots fans can whine about. So word got out today that Senator Specter was told by NFL Commissioner Goodell that the Patriots head coach, Belichick has been cheating since 2000. Surprised? Neither am I. And yes the article may state, “Belichick has been taping since 2000,” but cheating is a more fitting word since those tapes lead to being destroyed

So now, what are we to do? Well for one thing, I agree with Specter when he says, “We have a right to have honest football games.” And I think the only way the NFL can truly regain that sense of honor and dignity is to take away the Pats’ Lombardi trophies.

You think fining Belichick 500k and taking away the Pats’ first round pick (which is 1 of 2 1st round picks by the way) is enough of a punishment? Bull$#!^  Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe got what they deserved for committing acts of dishonesty in their game, so why not make an example of the Patriots and Belichick? It’s simple. The Pats have had  an edge  that they knew they weren’t supposed to have.

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