Aaron Gershfield Ranks His Top 5 WRs of 2007

After reading the ESPN article on Nate Clement’s top ranked wide receivers in today’s game, I decided to write my own list of best wide receivers in the NFL. But rather doing an all-time list, I’ll stay current. The list you will read below is in a PARTICULAR order as each of these wide receivers are not only based stats, but also certain and unique characteristics that simply seperate them from the rest.

5. T.J. Houshmandzadeh

aaron gershfield top wr #5

T.J. Houshmandzadeh makes the list and not his whiny wideout partner, Ocho Cinco, simply because he is consistent. Houshmandzadeh scores when he’s supposed to score, and he makes the catches when he’s supposed to make the catches. With 112 receptions, 1,143 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns, Houshmandzadeh proved that he was Cincy’s top receiver in the year 2007.

4. Braylon Edwards

aaron gershfield top wr #4

Braylon Edwards came out of nowhere in the year 2007. His stats were impressive, making him a pleasant surprise for most fantasy owners, and he proved that he can be a superstar. Also along with his stats, Edwards is blessed with natural assets. At 6’3 and 200 lbs, Edwards can be a tough and physical receiver. Yet, he also has the speed and agility unlike most receivers his size. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the next real deal, a receiver that can not play the role as possession receiver, but also deep threat.

3. Reggie Wayne

aaron gershfield top wr #3

Ever since last year, everyone that watched the Colts saw that Wayne had become Peyton Manning’s favorite target as Marvin Harrison was constantly double-teamed. But the year 2007 was something special for Wayne. He not only became the leader in receiving yards, with 1,510 yards, he proved that he can be the go-to guy as Harrison was sidelined the majority of the season. It’s kind of scary to know and see how capable Wayne can be in replacing Marvin Harrison. Plus overall, Wayne is a beast. I remember reading an article somewhere that talked about how the guy constantly practiced running his routes and how he developed his sure-catching hands by practicing catching bricks.

2. Randy Moss

aaron gershfield top wr #2

Even though I hate him for breaking Jerry Rice’s record of most touchdown passes within a season (Moss with 23), I still have to put Moss on the list. He’s got the height, the hands, and the speed. He is probably the NFL’s best deep threat as he has all those attributes. But what keeps him from being the number receiver in my list is because he’s a one-trick pony. He’s not versatile in the sense that he can’t make plays in the middle, he doesn’t run his routes well, and he’s only an outside man.

1. Terrell Owens

aaron gershfield top wr #1

Terrell Owens is my number once receiver because he simply has it all. He’s got the hands (sometimes) as he can be a leader in receiving touchdowns– just like in 2001, 2002, and 2006, and he’s got the size to get the more than necessary YAC (yards after catch) as he can break tackles and plow through opponents. And best of all, Owen can be a possession receiver and a deep threat– making him a more versatile weapon. In my opinion, I think if Owens had a quarterback like Tom Brady, he would’ve beaten Jerry Rice’s record way before Randy Moss.


Why The Panthers’ Receivers Just Got Scarier…

Congratulations to D.J. Hackett, and damn you Carolina! San Francisco sure could’ve used an underrated player like the former Seahawk. But overall, this is a good pick for Carolina. They’re getting an experienced receiver that can catch the ball, and run good routes, and a player that can study (it is pretty much safe to assume this since it’s not easy to learn Mike Holmgren’s version of the West Coast Offense). Hackett compliments the  team well as we can expect him to take pressure off Steve Smith. I’m thinking they might just be the NFL’s next best WR tandem– under Harrison & Wayne, or Ocho Cinco & Houshmanzadeh. That is if Delhomme can stay healthy.

My Thoughts On Larry Fitzgerald Resigning

Yesterday, I found out that the Cardinals’ WR, Larry Fitz, had resigned/ restructured his contract. Pretty much, his four-year contract, which is set to end in 4 years, has been reported to be worth $40 million, including a $15 million signing bonus and a $5 million option bonus payable next year. The Cardinals receiver is set to make  $17 million in 2008, including signing bonus and his salary of $2 million.

When I first heard this, I thought, “good for AZ, for keeping one of their star players happy, and for keeping a receiver of Fitzgerald’s caliber for their future star QB, Matt Leinart. But then, I started thinking, “is Fitzgerald really worth that much?” I mean sure he’s consistently good, and he is often a sure bet in fantasy football, but I still feel he hasn’t exactly proven himself yet. I’ve seen him catch the balls, score the tds, beat some of the best cornerbacks… But I haven’t seen him make an impact on the team. I haven’t seen him turn AZ into a winning/ playoff caliber team. I haven’t seen him act as a leader either. And to me, it’s the “intangible factors” like that, that make a player worth that much.  Just my opinion… No NFC West bias, here…

Concerning the meeting between Commissioner Goodell and Sen. Specter

Here’s something that Patriots fans can whine about. So word got out today that Senator Specter was told by NFL Commissioner Goodell that the Patriots head coach, Belichick has been cheating since 2000. Surprised? Neither am I. And yes the article may state, “Belichick has been taping since 2000,” but cheating is a more fitting word since those tapes lead to being destroyed

So now, what are we to do? Well for one thing, I agree with Specter when he says, “We have a right to have honest football games.” And I think the only way the NFL can truly regain that sense of honor and dignity is to take away the Pats’ Lombardi trophies.

You think fining Belichick 500k and taking away the Pats’ first round pick (which is 1 of 2 1st round picks by the way) is enough of a punishment? Bull$#!^  Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe got what they deserved for committing acts of dishonesty in their game, so why not make an example of the Patriots and Belichick? It’s simple. The Pats have had  an edge  that they knew they weren’t supposed to have.

Jaguars resign Greg Jones

Greg Jones

Good move on the Jaguars’ part for re-signing Greg Jones. I might not know a whole lot about Jones, since fullbacks hardly ever get mentioned, but I do know of Jones-Drew and Taylor. And I always thought that if you know of the runningbacks, it’s because they’re able to produce lots of rushing yds and tds. And if a runningback can do that, then you gotta give credit to the blockers.

And if Jacksonville can produce two well-respected halfbacks, credit’s gotta be given to their lead blocker, Greg Jones. It’s good to see that Jacksonville recognizes that they have something special here. I think many people would agree that Jacksonville wouldn’t have been the leader in the NFL in rushing from 2006-07 with a 154.1 average per game without the help of blockers like Greg Jones. And with the Jaguars leading the AFC and ranking second in the NFL in 2007 in rushing, Jonehas proven that his efforts (along witht he o-line’s) are consistent.

New Coaches In The NFL

I just read an interesting article from ESPN, on the new head coaches in the, NFL… It’s pretty interesting to see how they broke it down– how each coach might succeed and fail. Here’s my take… I think each of those coaches mentioned in the article– Jim Zorn, John Harbaugh, Tony Sparano, and Mike Smith, don’t all have a chance to succeed. I only think there are two of them, Jim Zorn and Mike Smith.

Jim Zorn

ESPN’s Yasinskas suggested that the Redskin’s new coach, Jim Zorn, was the best bet to succeed since he was inheriting a playoff team. I agree with that for two reasons.With most of Joe Gibbs’ coaching staff around, the Redskins can still continue their playoff caliber play, Zorn’s team can only get stronger as he can develop Washington’s QB, Jason Campbell. He was after all, a QB coach for the Seahawks…

Mike Smith

I think Mike Smith has a good chance to succeed because he comes into the position with a rich history of experience as a former Defensive Coordinator. I can see Smith turning ATL’s defense a shutdown beast just like what he did with Jacksonville. The recipe’s there: a fast, pick-machine in Deangelo Hall, a hard-hitting linebacker in Keith Brooking, and a speedy pass rusher in John Abraham… It’s going to be interesting to see what Smith does with the dirty birds. Plus he’s got Jerious Norwood in the offensive side– an explosive running back that everyone’s been waiting to see. But it all won’t be easy as ATL doesn’texactly have a quarterback.

Post Football Season Thoughts

So this football year was a dismal one for me. The 9ers had another disappointing year (which I kinda expected). I did bad in Fantasy Footballl, and Randy Moss broke Jerry’s record.

I know that we beefed up our defense (by spending our first pick overall on Patrick Willis, signing Nate Clements, Michael Lewis and Tully Banta-Cain), but our offense still needs a huge redo. We need better receivers, and a solid quarterback that’s for sure. I don’t know about Alex Smith anymore. We’ve resigned Shaun Hill to challenge the “young prospect” for the starting job. But I guess we’ll see. Also I’m hoping that by signing Mike Martz as our new offensive coordinator, the 9ers do return to playoff form.

But until then, all I can do is hope. And damn you Frank Gore for screwing me over in Fantasy! Only 6 tds all together?! C’mon man! You weren’t supposed to be a bust… Oh well. At least the Patriots lost! That’s what you get for cheating and trying to buy a Super Bowl with all your free agents!